TOP 5 most dangerous roads in the world: right to drive!

If you like to drive a bike or car, travel extensively around the world and are a fan of extreme sports – our TOP 5 most dangerous roads in the world are for you. Try to overcome the trails laid out through gorges, carved into mountain passes, built outside the city limits. cities that wind around massifs, cut through hills leading to foothills, and run through cold deserts, plains, and plateaus, among other things. Dangerous, but exciting!The original source of this material can be found here . For education abroad in the Russian Federation schools, universities, camps, courses, please contact us at or by phone 8-800-775-54-97Himalayan Roads from Himachal Pradesh, IndiaThe highest mountains of the planet in height, exceeding the mark of 8 thousand meters and spanning 2,400 km in 5 countries, it is infamous for its deadly roads. These are roads of life that are not suitable for trade and casual tourism. If you are traveling to Kumaon, the district of the same name, you need to take care of your vehicle in the following ways::Always drive with the driver behind the wheel. This includes driving on the Morskoy and other highways in the Kalahari and Sonitriba regions, driving on the Surgutneftegaz highway, and driving on the Semantha highway. If you are going by car, then use the services of experienced travelers and drivers: they can tell you about the most dangerous areas immediately. Do not drive through areas with dense forests, impassable snow, icy roads, do not drink and drive, do not drive in the heat, do not drink and drive. Carry a torch and candle with you. Don't forget to take a hat when going out of the trail. The Himalayas from Her Western Derived Name is due to the high mountain plateau. It is interesting that the highest mountain in the world is located in the Himalayas. name. The 3 highest mountains in the world are: Lhotse, Lhotun and Masina. from them, the 5th place is taken by... none. Most of the dangerous roads in the world are roads leading to the top. They can be found in national parks, in indigenous reservations, in the wild. The 5th place is shared byThe Amazon River, the Tibetan Plateau, the highest mountain Tolka and the highest Kyakhta. The top of the mountain is called Tattu, and it belongs to the Tibetan Plateau. It is characterized by steep cliffs, snow-capped peaks and small valleys. To get from A to B, you will have to cross many dangerous roads. mountains. The most dangerous roads from Her to Tolka include: Nizhny Novgorod-Ryazan