Equality Illinois Gala

Judge Lynn Weaver Boyle, Judge Theresa Molina, Laura Gonzalez and Araceli DeLa Cruz
Judges supporting the event
Judges supporting the event
Celebrating with Judge Mary Cay Marubio  and her wife Dante
Rep. Ann Williams, MWRD Commissioner Kim DuBuclet and Judge Lynn Weaver Boyle

47th Ward Holiday Party

47th Ward Holiday Party is a terrific event where Committeeman Paul Rosenfeld and the candidates recognize all of the volunteers who collected signatures to ensure candidates access to the ballot.
Committeeman Paul Rosenfeld.
Candidates with Committeeman Rosenfeld.

Justinian Society Scholarship Dinner

Congratulations to all 15 students who were honored with tuition rewards at the Justinian Society Scholarship Dinner. It is always inspiring to meet young people dedicated to entering the legal profession.
Scholarship recipient Sal Salvato and Judge Lynn Weaver Boyle.